Saturday, February 27, 2016

Oh my goodness! How amazing is 2 Nephi 29!!!

Hey again! So I have had some epic breakthroughs this week in my Book Of Mormon studies. Let me share with you why. I have gotten into a funk with my studies for the last few weeks, and this may be because I was going through 2nd Nephi and all of the Isaiah chapters which don't make a whole lot of sense to me. I am more of a plainness that Nephi talks about kind of girl. ( If you you are reading this and you are not sure what I am talking about, you can go HERE and request a free copy if the Book of Mormon, or you can just call me and I will explain and get you one.) So I was in this funk and I started searching for some good ways to take notes or mark in my BOM to help me get out of this funk and I ran across this really cool looking study guide. It is called "My Book Of Mormon Study Guide: Diagrams, Doodles and Insights. It looks like this:

And you can get it from the Red Headed Hostess website HERE

So, I was so excited about it that I ordered one for me and both of my kids. Well it came in the mail in a week or so and I am loving it! My kids started from the beginning and Colby said " I can't believe how much I missed when I read the Title page the first 10 times." They both have made comments about how much better they understand the things they are reading. I can't wait to see them progress.

 I have been in my BOM class for 7 weeks now. I was already towards the end of 2nd Nephi, so I started from there and some day when my life slows down a bit, I will go back and see if I can learn a little more from these crazy Isaiah chapters.

Here are what a few of the pages look like.  Don't judge my doodles, they are not pretty, but they are fun and I have learned so much. I'm like a kid and I look forward to my doodling every day.

Before I discovered colors. 

Alright now on to the MAGNIFICENT stuff that I learned. My reading this week was 2nd Nephi chapters  28 - 33.  I have to say, my favorite chapter was 29. This chapter is all about why the Book Of Mormon is so important. It talks about how there will be so many that think that there is not other books needed besides the Bible. The thing is that I see this all of the time here in the South. When I have gone out to teach with the Sister missionaries in our ward and even in conversations with my friends, and I ask: 
  • Why wouldn't you want another witness of Christ?
  • Why wouldn't you want to learn more about Christ?
  • How sad would you be if you thought that your Father in Heaven would not want to give you more guidance in your life. Times change and the world changes. Why wouldn't we want continued guidance.
  • Why wouldn't you want to read a book that could change your life for good and bring you closer to christ? 

I also really love the thought that there will be more. More testimonies of Christ, More guidance from the Lord. More pieces to fit into our amazing puzzle.  

This is a video clip from Russell M, Nelson from my class this week, entitled "Scriptural Witnesses"  You won't regret watching these 6 minutes.  He can put into words so well the things that I learned from chapter 29 this week.

I just want to close with my testimony of the truth of the Book Of Mormon. I know it is true. I know that reading this book can change your life. Reading this book along with prayer can give you the answers that you need to make your life better, it can and will bring you closer to Christ. The Book of Mormon is the road map to happiness, the road map back to a loving Father in Heaven. Who wouldn't want that? I leave this in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.  

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Jenn said...

So proud of you for going back to school! I know life is tough, but your life is so full of good things. Thank you for setting such a good example for me and my children.